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It is not enough to pioneer any product at all if you will not serve it at its best to customers, whether online or offline. As far as online rummy is concerned in India, Ace2three Rummy is a pioneer in the sphere. This is evident in the number of customers available on the Ace2three database.

Ace2three rummy did not just pioneer the rummy game online in India, but also pioneered the sequence or classic rummy online.

Developed and owned by head Info-tech India, Ace2three rummy is one of the leaders in the online rummy business in India. The reality of rummy game is, a person cannot play it alone. The more people you can get to play with you, the better; “the more, the merrier”.

With a customer base running into several millions, a player will always find as many people as he or her chose to play rummy against online at every hour of the day.

Before delving properly into the strengths and weaknesses of the Ace3three rummy company and platforms, I would like to say that this article is but a clinical review of the company and not a way to promote or demote the company in anyway.

Ace2Three is the first online 13 cards rummy game platform in India. You can play here rummy for cash as well as free on this platform. About 12 million game lovers are registered on Ace2Three which has provided Head Digital Works with more than 8 years of profitability.As I am a self user of Ace2Three rummy games, I will say that it is a highly enjoyable, addictive, and exciting game. At very First I lost some money but I started winning soon. Now I earn money from the Ace2Three rummy platform.

How to earn real cash on the Ace2Three platform/ how to play:

Ace2Three rummy is a game that requiresa special ability to win while understanding the basic rules of the game.  If looking for the best app to play Rummy games online and want to win cash prizes, then come on Ace2Three.To win cash prizes onthis platform, you must:

  • Register on the
  • Login into the account before playing
  • Join tournaments or other online games you like.
  • You can add cash or also play free.
  • To win big cash rewards, bonuses, smartphones, or other prizes, complete the game and win.
  • Ace2three real cash apk download from here
  • Ace2three plus 4.1 7 apk download from here

While playing on this online platform, you will make some difference. Ace2Three lobby offers a unique view to play Indian online rummy on its tables; the game looks like playing in a private room for expert rummy players. It alsooffers a 3/4 perspective view where the cards and players can be seen from a top view.

Special Offer: You can get a 150 % welcome bonus on the first time registration. You can get this bonus also on downloading the app and on your first can also check ace2three referral code for new user.

Dint worry New users, It is legal in India to play Indian rummy as it doesnot come in the gambling. Only the government of five states named Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Odishahave still some issues. But it will also be resolve in the next coming days as the supreme court declared Rummy as a skill game. Play for free now.

The Ace2three rummy Strengths

Customer base:Ace2thress rummy is one of the companies that can never run low on players on their platform any hour of the day. If you are a new or an old rummy player online, you should do your best to check out Ace2three. Their platforms will always have players online who are willing to play against you and ready to make real cash, every hour of the day. I guess it is one of the spices of being a pioneer.

Game variants:There are but a handful of online rummy companies that can compete with Ace2thress when it comes to the number of rummy variants available on their platforms for customers’ consumption. Most online rummy sites simply offer one or two rummy variants but Ace2three offers the 13 cards rummy, points rummy, 101/201 pool, B02/B03, Gunshot, private tables, multi-table tourneys, sit and go tourneys, turbo tables and happy hours.

Social Media Presence:  Most companies nowadays see the need to be available on different social media platforms, not only as a way of advertising their company but as a way of building customer confidence. When you can speak to a company directly via social media, anytime and anywhere, your confidence in such a company tend to grow higher. Ace2thress rummy has a good social media presence. You can reach the company on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter.

The Rummy UI: If you are regular game player, (I am talking about Play station, Xbox type of games) on thing you price high is a very good graphics and a sound user interface. Even though Ace2three rummy is designed to appeal to people who want to make extra cash online while playing rummy, the design will also appeal to regular game players as well. The User Interface is well designed and the graphics is of high quality.

The cards and even the players can be viewed from a top-wide angled camera. This makes even rummy experts love the game interface of Ace2three rummy.

The Bonuses, Tournaments and Promotions: Ace2three has one of the best bonus structures for real players. Their tournaments are also fantastic. The referral program of the Ace2three is ready to pay a player more than 100,000 rupees on each referral such a player bring to Ace2three. Simply get your friend to register and deposit and start playing to earn real cash and you can keep earning money.

There is a 100% welcome bonus for first time customers who deposit real money. Such customer will still be eligible for real chips that can be staked to win real money as well.

More: Instead of just topping at the regular, Ace2three decided to go for more. This is where you can find a distinction in what Ace2three does when compared with most online rummy platforms. Do you know it is possible to play using an extra time on Ace2three rummy? All you have to do is simply click the extra time icon in the game table.

A player can also group their cards into four groups on Ace2three rummy platforms while playing.

Ace2three weaknesses

It is not enough to talk about the strengths of this company without naming the weaknesses as well. This is why I said earlier that this article is a review and not apaid promotion from the company, neither is it a paid demotion by a competitor.

The discard issue:As much as the UI and the graphics of the rummy tables on Ace2three is inviting, the weakness here is the fact that a player cannot drag a card to discard instantly with a mouse click. You are left at the mercy of a button inserted into the game. This does not and will not go down well with any serious rummy player. The button will take a whole lot of time before a player can arrange their cards in to groups against the next play by the opponent.

Customer support: Ace2Three platform,  there is  24 * 7 hrs customer care support present. You can submit your queries at the ‘Contact Us’ section once you do Ace2Three login.The contact us section in ace2three rummy plus is made with precision with some of the frequently asked questions added already in the drop-down menu. You just need to select your query and submit it with your account credentials to ask a question or to report an issue.Ace2three rummy ought to do better at resolving customer issues than they are doing as at the time of writing this article. The company has both email and phone numbers with which customers can reach them on their website but both means will still take a customer a lot of time before their issues get resolved.  Ace2three customer support is not at the peak of excellence I expect them to be, but, nevertheless, they do respond, not just in time.



As much you love rummy game and want to earn money online, care must be taken not to fall victim of fraudulent and scamming rummy websites. Ace2three is NOT a scam website and as such it is deemed safe. The only caveat here is simply the fact that knowledge alone does not, and ca not guarantee you a win in the game of rummy, even on Ace2three. Therefore, I will advice you deposit only the money you can afford to lose.

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