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Rummy is a group of Card games in which similar cards are matched. The game has an ancestral link with Conquian and some other card games of different origins. 2 to 6 players are required to play with one or two 52 cards deck where the joker is additional but not necessary.

In this era of the internet, many online platforms are offering not only to play the game but also to bet legally. Based on safety, interface, user ratings, and ease in withdrawal, here is a list of the top 10 instant cash rummy sites:

  1. Rummy passion:

The no. 1 site here is rummy passion. Just go to the site, register yourself, deposit money, start playing, and earn. With a rating of 10/10, the site is 100% secure, has an engaging UI and enhanced UX. Many deposit methods are available like debit or credit card, mobile wallet, Paytm and through a bank. On the other side, withdrawal is easy and secure. It offers a bonus on the first deposit. You can play 13 card rummy and many other popular card games of this family.

  1. Adda 52:

With a rating of 9.5/10, this website is one of the best among the online rummy games because of its bonuses, prizes, safety, customer support, and ease of payments.

It welcomes its users with a bonus on their first deposit. Other salient features of this platform are referral bonus, 60% weekly cashback, legal betting, responsibility, and 24hr customer support

  1. Rummy circle

With a rating of 9.5/10 and trusted by 10 million+ people this platform features a first deposit bonus, SSL security, quick money withdrawal multiple payment options. It is 100 percent secure and trustworthy, its multiple deposit options make it popular and easily accessible. Its interface is very professional and attractive.

4.Rummy culture:

One of the best sites for rummy lovers is Rummy culture with a user rating of 9.2/10. It offers a bonus on the first deposit, safety and security, quick money withdrawal, easy UI, engaging UX, and many more. Depositing the money is easy, with options like a visa card, mobile wallet, through a bank, etc.

5.Junglee rummy:

With a rating of 9.1/10, this site offers enhanced UX and UI. Games available include different kinds of this family e.g. 21 cards rummy pool rummy, point rummy, etc. It also gives its users a bonus on first-time deposit. Other interesting features include constant monitoring, security, referral bonus, encryptions, and 3D rummy tables.

6.Classic rummy:

With a rating of 9/10, this website comes with a rich and enhanced UX. This platform is offering many different games of rummy like pool rummy, deals rummy, 13 cards rummy, point rummy, 3 deals rummy, 2 deals rummy, etc. To play all these games you just need to log in to the site and start playing. With a deposit of some amount, you can get cashback and a bonus on your first deposit. Other features like time to time bonuses and tournaments make this website rank among the top.

7.Deccan rummy:

It’s a premium website offering a 200% bonus on the first deposit. It comes with a rating of 8.9/10. Its safety features and security is remarkable. Withdrawl methods are easy, providing instant cash. Multiple deposit methods are available.


Ace2 three is very interesting and one of the oldest websites in this game. Its rating is 8.5. it offers a 140% welcome bonus. Other time to time bonuses is also a plus point for players. Multiple deposit methods and easy withdrawal methods are available. Moreover, it is 100% secure, safe, and legal.

9.Taj rummy:

Its rating is 8/10. This site is attractive to most of the 13 card rummy players. TAJ rummy offers the players a broad range of accessibility and ease. It provides a smart and interesting interface. It is safe and secure.

Salient features of this platform are a loyalty program, smart correction, bonus, easy payment methods, and safety. They provide exclusive bonus codes and corrections for beginners. They also provide a bonus on the first deposit.

10.Indigo Rummy:

With a rating of 7.4/10, this site is exotic and interesting because of its classic style and very professional gameplay. New users can have a 100% cash back bonus on the first deposit. It also features autoplay mode in the beginning and easy withdrawal methods. With such features, it also provides maximum security to its users.


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