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If you are a rummy playerand are looking for a way to play rummy online and make some cool cash, you might want to check out GullyRummy.

The Economic times conferred the award of the most promising gaming brand online on GullyRummy in 2018. This recognition alone is enough to give any intending player the urge to choose the GullyRummy platform. An old-time player may be tempted to leave his/her former platform for GullyRummy.

Is GullyRummy worth it? Can you trust Gully Rummy? Can you make money on GullyRummy? Is GullyRummy different from every other online rummy company out there? These and some other issues concerning GullyRummy will be trashed in this article.

Why you should choose GullyRummy

The awards

A company that has won several awards in India, including the one given by WCRC international (India’s inspirational brand) is sure to see the limelight. GullyRummy is a company that is priding itself not just as an online gaming company, but also as one of the fastest-growing and trustworthy online gaming platforms in all of India.

The Bonus

There is a huge 100% welcome bonus f up to 5000 rupees waiting for new customers and this is packed with free instant 50 rupees cash. Only a handful of online gaming companies give a 100% welcome bonus and GullyRummy is one of them.

The customer support

Have you ever wondered if most of the online rummy companies have a Facebook account through which customers can reach them very quickly? Well, even if you can barely find any, GullyRummy is one company that allows its customers to read about the latest information and even reach out to the company via social media networks.

The GullyRummy Facebook page  ( is always available as well as their Instagram page (

You can also write to them via email at [email protected] or even speak to them via website chat.

The backbone company

The company behind GullyRummy is a giant in the industry, Pacific Gaming. This is a company with a multi-million dollar capital base and a track record of excellence in the industry.

The platforms

Some online rummy sites have rusty and shaky, if at all, mobile applications. GullyRummy has both the desktop and the mobile-based android application for on-the-go playing anywhere, anytime.

The technology

The technology behind the online rummy game on GullyRummy platforms makes it fair enough for customers to win as much as they can. The Q-RNG tech used in creating the rummy tables on the platforms at GullyRummy is one of the latest technologies that can be found in the online gaming industry in India.

The security

Whatever platform you are currently using or planning to use must be secure enough to keep your hard-earned money deposited to their platform safe. The company must also secure every rupee won as well. You can count on GullyRummy for this kind of financial security. The site and app are all warded against DDOs attack any day, any time.

The cashout

Who wants to play and play without being able to withdraw their earnings? One of the strengths of GullyRummy is the fact that every rupee you withdraw hits your bank account in less than one minute. It takes 30 seconds for you to receive an alert from your bank. Isn’t that amazing?

The turn-offs of GullyRummy

Few players are available

One of the fascinating things about online gaming is that even though it can be played anytime and anywhere, players must be registered and online before you can play against them. GullyRummy is relatively new and so they usually have less than 2000 players online at every time. Some other online gaming companies have as many as 100,000 players online every single minute of the day.

Relatively low integrity

GullyRummy is a new player in the online rummy gaming world and so the company’s integrity is yet to be put to the test well enough. There are several actors in the online rummy sphere that have been paying customers for over 7 years and such companies have not just stood the test of time, but also have their integrity tested several times. Since GullyRummy is still new, the integrity of the company needs to be tested over the years to be sure they will be there for the customers always.

Little to no promotion

I have taken my time to read through the entire GullyRummy website and there are no other promotions on the website other than the 100% welcome bonus. Some other competitors have several promotions daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and so on. All of these make it easy for customers to earn in another way even if they lose money playing rummy on the platform. Promotions are good and they are generally ways of promoting the company. This is lacking on the GullyRummy website.



This article is not to downplay or market GullyRummy in any way. This is simply an honest review of the GullyRummy platform and any intending player should simply read and use the article as a guide towards making an informed decision of either signing up with the GullyRummy company or not. The pros and the cons have been laid bare here in the article and none of these is financial advice for a reader.

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