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MPL is an abbreviation for Mobile Premier League. The company behind this gaming website according to the website is Galactus Funware. According to, the MPL website was registered on the 22nd of April, 2018. This puts the website operation at less than three years. The whois information page also shows that the website is registered to a company named M-League PTE Limited in Singapore. The website is due for renewal in 2026, making it a whole 8 years of registration time. This can give some hope to players simply because a scam website would not host its website for this long.

This article will share insights on the MPL rummy, the good, the bad, and the ugly of playing online rummy at I want to say that this review is not paid for by any company and it simply is an honest scan of the activity of MPL and how it affects the customers of the company.

You can read through this review to form your own opinion about the company. Whether or not you become a customer of MPL will be your own decision and this article will not in any way suggest to you to play rummy with MPL or not to play online rummy with the company.



Is MPL rummy worth the hype?



The Stance: MPL rummy not only serves online rummy on their website but as many games as possible. The name MPL stands for the mobile premier league which means that the company is interested in more than just rummy. On the company website, there are over 22 different types of games available to players, each with its sub-domain root on the main domain. There is play fantasy, fantasy football, fantasy cricket, ludo, fruit slice, fruit chop, 8 ball pool, monster truck, auto raja, college premier league, MPL esports to name but a few.


In order words, this shows the fact that the website is a big one. The company looks serious about online gaming. One of these games they offer is online rummy as well. A company like this will not scam you for a few hundred rupees because it must have cost them a lot more to build just the website alone.

I must say again that the stance of the company is a well-rooted one and as such, this is one of the biggest strengths of the company from my point of view. I do not think MPL will make a run for the money in 2 years or even in 10 years. I believe they are here to stay.


Association: Another big strength of MPL is the associations the company belongs to. It is a rare thing to have a new company like MPL inducted into real associations like the TRF (The Rummy Federation), AIGF (All India Gaming Federation), IAMAI (Internet And Mobile Association of India), and FICCI. MPL is not just a robust company, but it also extends its tentacles into joining real associations relevant to what it offers.


Customer base: The customer base of MPL is more than 10 core users. That is a whopping 100 million users. It is a lot of numbers as many rummy sites cannot even boast of 1 million registered users within the space of 3 years. If MPL is not doing something right, 100 million people will not be with the company at the moment.



The Rummy table speed: MPL mobile applications are built with the number of customer base in mind. When you have a lot of people trying to access your website or application at the same time, the connection tends to slow down a bit. MPL mobile applications are built with high-speed delivery UI. This means that they are one of the fastest in the world of online rummy. There is no wait time at all. If you want to experience rummy with high speed of delivery, switching, and play, then try out MPL rummy.


Fast withdrawal remittance:  Yes, I know MPL is not the only online rummy company that pays out withdrawals within seconds but it is worthy of note here. When you place withdrawal on MPL rummy, you will get your money in your bank very fast, usually within few seconds, depending on the mode of withdrawal you chose.


Instant bonus use: On MPL, any bonus you are given can be used instantly to play games and does not need to be unlocked over a period as you have with other online rummy companies. This is a great plus for MPL since most people do not get to use their entire given bonus before they get tired of playing rummy simply because they were unable to unlock it all.



The cons of MPL rummy


 One might expect that a company like MPL will have everything perfect and there will be nothing to talk about here, but hey, this is an honest review and I must let you know what you are walking right into when you are giving your money to MPL to play rummy on their app.


Not rummy focused: MPL rummy is just an aspect of MPL like I have said earlier. The company is not focused on just Rummy like some online rummy companies and so, one cannot expect their rummy applications to be as perfect as those that are majoring in rummy.


Few payment options: On the MPL website, they only accept Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, and Bank transfer. This means that if you do not have any of these few payment options, you may not be able to deposit nor withdraw your money from MPL rummy. Other rummy companies have a wide variety of payment options tailored to their customers’ needs.


Just three rummy variants: MPL is concerned with offering so many game types than being focused on just rummy alone. This is why the company offers just three variants of rummy. They serve customers with the point rummy, the pool rummy, and the deals rummy only.


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