Rummy Time Download – Playtest & Reviews is a website registered through Godaddy on the third of July, 2019. This simply means that Rummytime did not launch before 03-07-2019. Although a relatively new company, Rummytime is advancing and growing daily. Playing rummy online is fast becoming a popular trend among Indians and in the world generally. Since rummy is a legal form of real money earning entertainment online (fully legal in India), most Indians see it as a means of making extra or side cash apart from their day-to-day work.

In this article, I will be discussing why you should choose Rummytime as your online rummy platform and why you shouldn’t. Please know that this is just an honest review of Rummytime and it is not in any way a paid advertisement aimed at promoting Rummytime nor is it a paid article by Rummytime competitors to bring down Rummytime as a company.


Why you should choose Rummytime


Unlimited free withdrawals:  Have you ever won some real cash on some other rummy platforms and you were told you will pay almost 20% of your winnings as withdrawal fees? Well, Rummytime isn’t going to take a dime from your winnings for withdrawals, even if you want to withdraw every day of the year. The reason I am placing this pro as number one is that it is easy to get money into online games, casinos, rummy companies, and even betting sites, but getting your money out becomes a problem. The truth is, offline, depositing your money in banks does not require a lot of stress and verification, but try to withdraw your deposited funds and banks will slam you with various questions and verifications. As far as Rummytime is concerned, you can initiate withdrawals once daily every day of the year and it will all be free of withdrawal fees.


The ambassador campaign: Rummytime runs a referral program that pays an affiliate up to 6000 rupees monthly on each player the affiliate brings to the company. The fact that you do not need to deposit or play rummy on Rummytime before becoming an affiliate is fantastic. To earn real money without risks, all you need do is head over to the Rummytime website and register as an ambassador. You will then be given an affiliate link with which you can refer friends and family members. The more people you bring in, the more commission you earn every time they play rummy on Rummytime. The good thing here is the fact that when you are being paid as an affiliate, your referral also gets paid. For instance, when your referral plays more than 500,000 rupees on Rummytime, you as the referee earn a commission of 4000 rupees while your friend also earns 1250 rupees cashback.


Customer support: If you are with Rummytime, you will enjoy robust customer care support. Apart from the traditional email support which you can get via [email protected], you can also reach the Rummytime support via mobile number: 095-139-66060. More ways to contact Rummytime support are via their Instagram handle, Twitter handles, and Facebook page. So far so good, Rummytime has been helping a good number of those who have contacted their support team since they have started.


Online players: Rummytime has several players on their platform and this is a plus for this new company in the online rummy game world. Every time, Rummytime has more than 50,000 players online. This is good news for online rummy players because the more players you find online, the better for a rummy player. When there are lots of players online, a rummy player will be easily paired when he/she wants to play rummy since the game cannot be played by a single player.


Why you should not choose Rummytime


Platform availability: Rummytime has a very huge con here and that is the fact that you can only play rummy online using your mobile phone. As a rummy player, it is best to have the rummy table on several platforms so that when a platform is down is not reachable; the other platform can be used to play for entertainment and money-making. Rummytime only allows its customers to play rummy on the mobile app. A player cannot even register on the Rummytime website.

Payment modes: Unlike the top rummy sites, Rummytime has fewer than normal modes of deposit and withdrawal. Yes, the company accepts credit and debit cards and they can send your withdrawn funds into your bank account but the flexibility of payments is not there. There is also Paytm, Rupay and Cashfree.

Most rummy players may require more flexible modes of payment than these few modes offered by Rummytime.


Years of service: Rummytime is still relatively new and so the company has only been in service for a little above 2 years. Online rummy companies can still run bankrupt or probably discontinue service at any time if the company is yet to stand the test of time. Investing or depositing real money in companies online is a risky venture. It is however riskier when the company is relatively new online.


My Take

Rummytime is a good online rummy company and the performance of the company is a little above average. Just like every other investment online, an intending player or new investor must be guided to only deposit the money they can afford to part with without crashing down financially. Rummy is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it requires a lot of practice to be able to win the game. Players should try the free games for learning purposes before trying to deposit into their account ton Rummytime or any other online rummy site.


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