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Indian  Rummy typically requires the involvement of 2 participants, each with 10 cards to play with.  The great thing about Indian  Rummy is that it is extremely easy for new players to learn. It usually requires a couple of minutes to learn the rules of the game, but you have to keep practicing and playing to really become a master at Indian  Rummy.

Another great thing about Indian Rummy is its attractive scoring system, which is what generally draws curious players and fans by their millions. Though it’s easy to learn, Indian Rummy is just like any other card game. That means that you have to know what you are doing if you want to win big. It’s all about strategy, folks!

Common bonuses in Indian Rummy that one should know

The scoring of Indian Rummy is usually based on deadwood and bonuses. The most popular bonuses in Indian Rummy to win Rummy 100 Rupees Freeare:

Gin Bonus

When a participant player gets Gin, they are then awarded with 25 extra points. These points are then added to the player’s knock points.

Big Gin Bonus

When a participant player gets Big Gin, they receive 31 extra points.  These points are also added to the player’s knock points.

Game bonus

When players successfully reach 100 points they are entitled to a special game bonus like Rummy 100 Rupees Free. These points are totaled and added to the player’s overall score.

Line bonus or box bonus

The line bonus is usually added at the end of the game. It is worth 25 points for every hand that is won.

Shutout bonus

Let’s say a player manages to win won hand in the game, the player’s points for each hand will be doubled and then combined with the line bonus.

Keeping track of all your bonuses can be hard especially if you are playing competitively. With all the various ways available to earn points, it wouldn’t make sense to try and keep track of your scores in your head. Not only will that ruin the gaming experience for you, but you will also probably walk away with a massive headache.

That’s why it’s advised that you keep a score sheet, whether that’s on your phone or on a notebook, with you at all times so that you never forget what your bonuses and individual scores are. Happy playing!

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