How would you love the fact that you can become a millionaire overnight? I guess everyone on Earth would wish that happen to them before they die. In the world of cash rummy, there is a new millionaire maker in town and the company is Rummy millionaire. The company is not a new one since the domain name was registered as far back as the year 2012. Although the domain is marked to expire on the last of March in 2022, the company is still growing and growing fast.


After going through the about us page on the Rummy millionaire website, I can say there is little to no information about the company on the page. There is also no information about the owners or the registrars of this company on the about us page. The fact is the about us page is filled with why you should play rummy with Rummy millionaire instead of who and who runs the company.


This article will be as fair as possible on Rummy millionaire so as not to mislead readers who may want to form an opinion with the words of this article about Rummy millionaire. This article will remain an honest review of Rummy millionaire and as such, it is not in any way going to tarnish the image of Rummy millionaire nor will it gratify or glorify the image of Rummy millionaire above what it stands for.



Rummy millionaire is good for you


Do you think Rummy millionaire is not a good company? Well in this section of the article, I will highlight and stress the good sides or the pros of Rummy millionaire. The first of the strengths of the company is the fact that it has been in the online cash rummy gaming industry since 2012.


Oldtimer: Whether you like it or not, Rummy millionaire has been in business since the early 2012s. This is an important part of a company because the more the lifetime counts of a company, the more trustworthy it becomes. A scam company would have made a run for the small cash they already have and would be in existence no more by now. This, in order words, means that Rummy millionaire is not a scam company.


The multi-player tables: Rummy millionaire is one of the few online cash rummy companies that offer the optional feature of multi-player rummy tables. This feature allows a player to determine and select his opponents. Usually, this is good when family members or friends want to play against each other as opposed to a computer selecting a random opponent for a player. This feature is only available in very few numbers of online rummy companies and Rummy millionaire is one of those companies.


Play free (practice) rummy: This feature may seem like it is nothing, but some online rummy companies do not allow a player the opportunity to register for free and start playing rummy without depositing a dime into their system. Rummy millionaire allows players to register or create an account with them for free and even play practice rummy to learn and become professional players before adding real money to their account. The most interesting part of this is the fact that you can play the free rummy using the multi-player tables as well.


Security: Rummy millionaire tales the security of information very important and that is why the company has been securely certified by Comodo. For a website to be certified by Comodo, then the security is at an optimal level.




Would you get an account with Rummy millionaire?

Would you get an account with Rummy millionaire? If you are thinking in this direction, I want you to read through this next part of the article which happens to be the cons of Rummy millionaire. I have taken my time to write each of the red flags of the company to help you decide whether or not Rummy millionaire is good enough for you as an online rummy player


Terrible customer support: Rummy millionaire claims to have 24/7 customer support but a lot of reviews about their customer support say otherwise. It takes so long for the customer support team to answer questions if at all you will ever get an answer. This is a red flag for the company since customers will always a problem or the other without accounts and not being able to reach the support is a turn-off.


Poor Payment processing:  When a lot of online rummy companies have evolved into the age of instant withdrawal payment, Rummy millionaire is still struggling to issue out withdrawals on time. The push for any online cash rummy player is to get their withdrawals on time and when you cannot get it as fast as promised, you tend to look for another better company. Rummy millionaire has been in the business since 2012 and I wished they have a better payment plan but up to date, they have very few modes of payment processing and this slows down their withdrawal process as well.


Archaic Bonuses and Promotions: Rummy millionaire is still behind in the promotion and bonuses issued to customers on their platforms. The only bonus you can seem to get from this company is the 100% welcome bonus which is paid in chips. The only promotion available is simply the weekend freerolls. Other online rummy companies have so many promotions that help them retain customers. The truth is promotions are ways of giving back to customers when they win or lose money on your platform. Rummy millionaire runs little to no promotion and this may be a red flag for some rummy players.


My take

On my end, I will not open an account with Rummy millionaire as they have more cons than pros in my opinion. I am not in any way saying the company is a scam, far from it. Rummy millionaire has been around since 2012 and as such, remains a genuine company. The only problem I have with Rummy millionaire is the fact that the company has failed to evolve like the other online cash rummy companies that started years back.

If you must create an account with this company, be sure to do your research and understand quite well what you are getting your money into.

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