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A game enjoyed by both the young and old of the Indian community cannot but be taken online for comfortability and accessibility.

Rummy has been a game passed down from generation to generation in India and the people have grown fond of the game.

Having an online version of this kind of game makes it popular, and not just that, but makes it accessible to players anywhere, anytime.

One of such companies that are helping the game of rummy grow in popularity is SilkRummy.

SilkRummy is a company, tagged as the favorite community of Indian rummy players, is a fast-rising rummy company in India. It is also the most trusted and most transparent rummy site in India, according to their website.


How easy is the registration process on SilkRummy?


Simply enter your basic information and you are good to go.

The other part of the registration is the verification process and the real money deposit


What is special about SilkRummy?

Well, SilkRummy is special because it prides to put its customers first in everything rolled out of the company.

Players have found SilkRummy special because it provides them with what is called auto-grouping of cards. This helps to merge cards faster and easier and it is first on SilkRummy.


Does SilkRummy give Welcome Bonus?

By using the promotional code SRFD5000 while depositing money you’re your SilkRummy account after signing up, you are entitled to a whopping 100% welcome bonus instantly. The maximum welcome bonus amount is pegged at 5000 rupees.


 What other bonuses are available on SilkRummy?

On the SilkRummy platform, there are several other bonuses like:

Diwali Bonus

IPL Bonus

September Bonus

Monsoon Bonus

Ganesh Chaturthi

Exciting November Bonus and several other bonuses.


What Sorts of card games are available  on SilkRummy?

SilkRummy is proud to offer Rummy players a lot of Rummy games on their platforms.

SilkRummy is proud to serve the likes of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, N Rummy, Deal Rummy, 4/6 tables, 6/6 tables, Indian Classic Rummy, 13 cards Rummy, and some other Rummy games.


Do SilkRummy pay Affiliates?

SilkRummy has an active referral program on its website. For each friend you refer to the company, you stand to earn up to 500 rupees. The more friends you refer to the company, the more money you can earn.

SIlkRummy also has an active referral contest where the player with the highest number of referrals is rewarded with real cash every month.


As an affiliate program enthusiast, you will need to first refer at least 5 people first,  then you can speak to SilkRummy via  [email protected]. An affiliate manager will contact you and affiliate commissions can be discussed.

How can I learn to play Rummy on SilkRummy as a first-time player?


The SilkRummy website has a full page dedicated to how to download the SilkRummy mobile app and how to play the rummy game on both the mobile app and the desktop platforms.


Is it possible to have two or more accounts on SilkRummy?


Well, the truth is you will be required to verify your account and it will be impossible to verify two accounts for just a single person.

It is not advisable to create more than one account on SilkRummy and the company itself frowns at such practice.


Do SilkRummy have a support center?

You can reach the SilkRummy customer care unit at [email protected] anytime, 24/7. The customer support of SilkRummy is always active and they have very low complaints levied against them if in fact there are any.


What payment modes can I deposit and withdraw with on SilkRummy ?

SilkRummy accepts Visa and MasterCard, both debits and credits. They also accept the likes of Maestro Card, Paytm, Freecharge, BHIM, Mobikwik, Payu, and so on.


How many times can I withdraw my winnings to my bank on SilkRummy weekly?

The company states that you can withdraw as many times as you want to, but your first three withdrawals will be processed free of charge, while subsequent withdrawals in the week will attract a 50rupee or 1% of the withdrawn amount fee.


What is the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal on SilkRummy?

You must have at least 200 rupees to deposit before your deposit will be accepted and processed on SilkRummy.

To withdraw as well, you need to have won 200 rupees or more


Can I withdraw from SilkRummy without Verifying my account?

The short answer here is NO!


Will I be charged to withdraw on SilkRummy?

There is no withdrawal fee on your first three withdrawals every week on SilkRummy. You will however pay a withdrawal fee if you withdraw more than three times within a week.

How fast will I get my withdrawn money from SilkRummy?

According to the information on the SilkRummy website, it takes 3 to 4 days for players to receive withdrawn funds in their bank account


Have people been paid by SilkRummy?


People get paid every day on SilkRummy. In fact, as you read this, some people are winning and cashing out on or via their mobile app.


Final take

It should be noted that there are several companies that dish out various types of rummy games on the internet. SilkRummy is just a company and the professionals behind the company are dedicated individuals who are not hoping to scam players or rob them of their hard-earned money.

Just like a casino, playing rummy for real cash is a game of skill as well as of luck.

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