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The products or the services relevant to the services offered by our site and the subsidiaries, partners, and sister concerns are all mentioned on the site. The website is framed in reference to the Terms and Conditions, which includes the Help, Account, and Promotions.

Players of the game are requested to abide by the rules stated in the terms and conditions even when the site owners do any modifications to them.

The decision for dealing with the violations are totally at the discretion of the Rummy-Games. The users are sternly warned against the breach of these rules.

All the events, competitions, games, promotions, and the tournaments organized are governed bAll the events, competitions, games, promotions, and the tournaments organized are governed by these terms and conditions as described here, and the supplementary terms and conditions might be applicable in reference to ongoing events, tournaments, competitions, and other promotions.

Even if some of these terms are considered to be invalid, unratified, or void for any reason by the judicial body within the country, you must consider that these will not affect any implementation and the existence of the remaining Terms in order.


The users are requested to give a review of the Terms of Conditions carefully before you register that is applicable to the services on the site.


You might use the services for playing the online rummy game when you are 18 and above; the company has the right to restrict access to the gaming platform in different instances. You are required to confirm that you are accessing the services for playing cash games only within India, apart from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Telangana, and Odisha.

We have allowed a pop that will help in identifying the player’s location to make sure the players from the restricted areas cannot access the site. The users are required to click on the “Allow Location Access” as they choose to play the games on the site.

User Representation

We also require authentic and true information during the registration or during some other time; subsequently, you need to make sure known about the legality as you play the games in your state while taking part in the cash games for rummy. If you do not count in the legal authority to enter the Indian Rupee transaction through the banking channel in India or you are accessing the site from a prohibited location, you would not be permitted to participate in the games. If it is found that you have committed a violation of the rules, the participation would be considered as a breach of the services, and you would not be entitled to get any kind of prizes that you could win.

The players need to confirm that they are 18 or above to take part in the rummy money games. You know very well that in order to take part in such games, there can be a financial loss to you. As you indemnify, you are no longer able to hold the rummy game online, nor anyone who is associated with it responsible for any loss.

You also understand that only participating in the rummy game online would not entitle you to win a prize. We stand under no obligation to credit you with any prizes for just participating. You need to understand that winning this money is actually dependent on the skills you have. The player needs to be aware of the fact that by simply using, viewing, or availing the services, or just using the features for communication; our website will come to show you some posted content by other users that you might consider offensive, insensitive, or objectionable. The player might bring issues to the attention of the site owners. We might act on these issues if we think the complaint you made is valid. The decision that we take on such issues would be binding on the player and will be final.

You need to assume liability for different content posted or available by you on the site. We have a right for the information to reproduce, copy, modify, publish, adapt, translate, distribute, edit, publicly display, and perform it once you get it published on our site. We also reserve the right to use the content for the marketing materials introduced by us or the affiliates. This content might include your name, location, username, messages, pictures, or gender. We want to clarify that you do not get any rights in the material created by us using the content published. The Rummy Game site has the right to utilize all of your communication and feedbacks.

We would be notifying you that the company has all the rights reserved for recording the user content produced but not restricted to chat messages on the site or through the chat facility or the features. You need to understand that the funds in the user account held by Rummy Game do not have any interest in its return.

The rummy game online would not be held accountable when you cannot play the game for which you might be suitable for participation. It includes situations when you are not able to log in to the user account as the user account might not be pending validation, or you might be suspected of violation of the terms. We suppose you are participating in the games based on the skills, and you understand the physical or mental condition.

We suppose you participate in the games based entirely on your skills, and you don’t have any condition that doesn’t let you play to your full potential. We will not be responsible for any financial loss you deal with in your game.


The transaction on the websites is only made in a specific amount. The transactions happening in the account are recorded well in the user account as you required for the cash games made through the account. These prizes you win would be credited to the account.

Payments through debit cards, credit cards, and internet banking will be processed by the third-party gateways. The site would not be responsible for the delays or denials in the processing of the payment.

We have the right to cancel the transactions happening at our discretion. If the money transaction for payment was successful, it might be credited back, or the reserved money would be a financial instrument. We recommend you to utilize the financial instrument to make the payment into your account. You are at the freedom to deposit as much money as you want into your account, subject to adding cash limit as specified.

The players of the terms of the withdrawal of the funds are held in credibility by us, and it will be remitted to players in the course, subject to the terms for the fund withdrawals. Funds from the players are maintained from the corporate funds. In critical conditions such as insolvency, funds would be given preference over the claims.

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