Privacy Policy

The site is created as a small software company. We will be explained which kind of data we store from the user and for which purpose, what mechanisms do we use to store it, how do we use our cookies and technologies in terms of advertisement, and our ways we manage your cooking settings.

Personal Information

We do not store any identifiable data about the users, which includes name, playing patterns, location, and other else. We have no history of user accounts, so we do not store any kind of information available for us, nor we try acquiring it.

When you email our team for support, we would need your email address and name for the mailing process. We do not use the email address for any other purpose other than replying to your requests, and it is not shared with any kind of third party system.

Log Filing

We keep log files of site visits, which combine the IP address, the visit time, and the page that was visited, and finally, what browser type was used.


We utilize our cookies and related technologies, which include local storage for a few things that are stated in the following points in this subsection as under:

  1. Remembering which options you have selected for the game, the dealer, and other specified information
  2. Keeping the stats about the success in your games. The stats are stored in the browser; we do not store them on the servers. You have the freedom to delete the data as you go to the browser settings and clear your data from the website.
  3. To help us consider the visitor number going to our website – i.e., we use a cookie so that you do not get counted as 20 visitors if you are playing 20 games in a single day.

We utilize a cookie for storing information regarding your consent of the cookie use.

Cookie use listed above is through our company and is important for the site to work properly. These are termed as 1st party cookies as they are set by us and not any third party. If you are unable to accept the cookies, either through not agreeing to the consent form – if you are in the EEA or EU or through disabling cookies in the browser, then you are not able to play these games normally.

Third-Party Advertisements

We use ad companies like Google for serving ads on our website. The ad companies will arrange the cookies in the browser and the existing cookies that have been set before, possibly in the visits to other websites. These are termed as third party cookies as they are from some other entities. The ad companies use them to serve you personalized advertisements. For instance, if you are looking at some shoes on a site, you might view ads for shoes on rummy games.

The companies associated will be having cookies during the visit and might be used to give you targeted ads on different sites on your visit later on. The users will need to explicitly accept the cookie use prior to the cookies set in the browser. For consumers outside the EEA, the cookies will be enabled as per default. Anyone is free to opt-out of the usage of personalized ads. You will still see ads, but these companies will not use the cookies for tying you to some other data and show personalized ads. The ads you view as an opt-out option would not be relevant for you. Even when you decide to opt-out of the personalized ads, these ad companies would be using cookies for purposes such as making sure you do not see the same ads. However, the cookie will not get associated with any other type of data about you.

If you have configured the browser for sending the Do-not-track header there, we will request non-personalized ads for the user regardless of what you have previously chosen from the site.

For better clarity of what the Google site does with the data, you can visit their policy page and get all explanations in detail. You also get to use cookies and ads knowledge and have the option to opt-out of the personalized advertising coming from Google across all the websites.

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