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As more people open up their attention to the online real money-making ventures that abound on the internet, many companies also spring up with the zeal of fulfilling people’s desires of making money online.

The cash rummy is a way for people to make real money online and one company that is, though new, ready to quench people’s thirst for real online money is rozrummy.

Is rozrummy new online?

Rozrummy is new online as it was launched in April of 2020.

The other information available in the “about us” section of the company’s website is the fact that the company is owned by and formerly known as Giant gaming private limited.

The page also talks about the fact that the new name is a rebranding. Therefore, it is safe to say that rozrummy is a new online rummy company.


Is rozrummy a scam site?

Most people would have visited a lot of scam site advisor sites to check the rating of rozrummy as an online rummy company. Even though rummy is a game of skill, you still require a bit of luck to be able to win.

Rozrummy is therefore not a scam site that is ready to take off with your money. The company however provides you rummy games that you can play against an opponent(s) and either win or lose money. The result you get is your own doing.

How do I start playing rummy on rozrummy?

To play rummy on rozrummy, you need to first sign up for a free account.

After getting your free account, you can play the free rummy for practice and entertainment.

For you to win real money, however, you are required to deposit some real money into your rozrummy account.


What do I need to sign up on rozrummy?

You will be required to type in your username, password, email, and phone number. A One-time password will be sent to the phone number instantly during the registration and the code will also be required to conclude the registration process.

Will I get bonuses after registration on rozrummy?

As a new user, rozrummy will slam your account with a 7 times free play on the real money games without you even depositing money into your account. This simply means that after you register an account on rozrummy, you can play for free 7 times and win real money into your bank account without you risking any of your hard-earned cash.

How can I contact rozrummy customer support?

Rozrummy customer support can be reached via email at [email protected] or by Whatsapp through their Whatsapp phone number +91 9373159376. The company’s customer support clients are only available on weekdays between 10 am and 7 pm.


Will rozrummy verify my identity?

It is a very important step to verify your identity on rozrummy; else withdrawals may be placed on hold. Identity verification is a government policy and therefore, rozrummy must comply.

You will be required to upload your picture ID card and even to verify your home or office address.

After a successful verification, you can easily withdraw your earned money from your rozrummy account.


What payment methods are acceptable on rozrummy?

Rozrummy accepts Paytm, credit and debit visa and MasterCard, Rupay, and some other means of payment.

Is all of India allowed to play rummy on rozrummy?

If you are from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, and Telangana, you are not allowed to play rummy to win real cash on rozrummy. Players from all other parts of India are welcome.

Can I learn to play rummy on rozrummy?

Yes! Rozrummy has a whole page dedicated to the training of newbie and old players who may have forgotten how the game is played.


What is special about rozrummy?

A special feature is available on rozrummy called the private club. The private club is a way for rozrummy customers to invite only their circle of friends and family members to play real cash rummy against themselves.

You will need to invite your friend and or family members into your private club after they have signed up and an account on the rozrummy website or mobile app.


How user-friendly is the rozrummy mobile app?

The rozrummy android app is a superb rummy app. It is easy to navigate and the User interface is one of the best in the online rummy industry.


What rummy can I play on rozrummy?

Rozrummy website boasts of the company serving players with the likes of 13 cards rummy, 101 pool rummy, and several other rummy variants.

How much is the withdrawal fee on rozrummy?

Rozrummy does not charge players a dime to withdraw their winnings from their rozrummy account. You can withdraw your winnings and you will get exactly the amount you have withdrawn.

Is rozrummy up to date on online rummy?

The rozrummy website also has a page dedicated to blogging on rummy. All information and news on new updates on online rummy are posted on the blog and players are advised to visit the blog once in a while to get new information.


Final take

Rozrummy is a rather new online rummy company but it is one of the fastest-growing in the rummy world. The company boasts of more than 100,000 users already in just a year of establishment. This simply means that the company is supporting the players on its platform and people are winning real money every day.

Do not be left out, try the rozrummy platform today.

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