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The Deccan games private limited ownership of the DeccanRummy platform is a positive sign that the rummy site is not a scam. Rummy, like on every other rummy platform, is played online on Deccan rummy. Rummy is best enjoyed with a real opponent and Deccan rummy serves you one, not just for enjoyment but to also win real cash.

When did Deccan Rummy start operation?

The online rummy site was officially founded in January of the year 2017.

How can I create an account on DeccanRummy?

Creating an account with the Deccan rummy platform is simple. You can either sign in with your Google account, your Facebook account or you can sign up by entering your personal information yourself.

Information required is simply your full name, date of birth, a username and password to log in with, your e-mail address, and your home or office address.

Simply log on to and click on sign up, or you can easily download the mobile app and register from the app prompt.

Does DeccanRummy offer any bonuses?

DeccanRummy also offers several bonuses as part of customer appreciation from the company. Deccan rummy provides a welcome bonus of 100% on every new players’ first deposit. The 100% bonus is credited into your Deccan Rummy account as points. The maximum point you can get from the bonus is 5000 (This means that even if you deposit 10,000 rupees, you will only get 5000 points as a bonus).

The points can be converted into real money for staking on rummy games and when you win, you can make withdrawals.

There are also several daily and weekly bonuses on the DeccanRummy platform from time to time which players can benefit from.

Does Deccan Rummy do Know your customer?

On DeccanRummy, identity verification is compulsory. Simply put, after registration, you are advised to verify your identity by uploading your ID card and your address verification.

Without completing this KYC, you can deposit and play rummy on DeccanRummy, but you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

What payment methods are available on DeccanRummy?

DeccanRummy, like every other rummy platform, accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers. As a player, you can deposit and make withdrawals using any of these payment options.

The deposits on DeccanRummy have no minimum or maximum deposits.

The withdrawals, however, have a minimum of 500 rupees and a maximum of 50.000 rupees.

Deposits and withdrawals are instant and there are no fees.

If you, however, win a lot of real money on DeccanRummy, you will need to pay 30% tax deductions from your withdrawal. If you make a withdrawal without paying the TDS, you will receive an amount less the 30% tax.

I want to play Rummy on DeccanRummy, what Rummy(s) are  available?

On DeccanRummy, you can play the:

  1. DeccanRummy Indian rummy game
  2. DeccanRummy Cash rummy game
  3. DeccanRummy 13 card rummy game

These three are the major and most played options available to players on DeccanRummy.

What about the DeccanRummy customer service?

Well, a lot of complaints can be seen online regarding the DeccanRummy customer support. Although the site has it that they have dedicated customer care representatives, but then, that may not be true.

You can reach DeccanRummy by e-mail at [email protected]

You can also reach the rummy site via the live chat available on the mobile, desktop, and app.


Can I play DeccanRummy on my smartphone?

DeccanRummy has two major mobile platforms, the mobile app, and mobile browser platforms.

With both platforms, you can access your DeccanRummy account and play Deccan rummy to win real money.

Is there a practice mode on DeccanRummy?

Yes! DeccanRummy avails players the option of getting virtual points for free to play in the practice mode on their platforms. You do not need to risk your real money until you are confident enough you can win something for yourself.

Is DeccanRummy the best rummy site for Indians?

Well, there are a lot of rummy websites for Indians and each of these sites varies in what they do best and what they suck at. The same applies to DeccanRummy. DeccanRummy, however, may not be the best rummy site in India and for Indians, but it is one of the best for Indians.

Are the DeccanRummy platforms user-friendly?

As a player, you can access DeccanRummy via the desktop site, the mobile browser, and even the mobile app. All of these platforms look alike and they are all very user-friendly.

I am a first-time rummy player, how can I learn the basics of DeccanRummy?

This is where DeccanRummy outshines several competition. There is a dedicated page to the rules of the rummy game. Whether you are a new or an old player who has forgotten the rules, you can easily refresh your memory on the rummy rules page on DeccanRummy.

Is my information safe on DeccanRummy?

Well, some sites may share or sell your information but not DeccanRummy. They need not sell your information to make money and they have not been doing so.

Even your finances are protected by DDOS paid for by DeccanRummy.

Final take

If you are looking for a Rummy company that is solely focused on rummy alone, your best bet is DeccanRummy. The focus DeccanRummy has on rummy games alone gives the company the power to compete with bigger rummy companies in India.

So instead of having a mix of several games that may be confusing to some player as to what to pick and choose, DeccanRummy serves players the real deal only.

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