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Rummy is a card game that is enjoyed by all and sundry.It gives the player the flexibility of playing the game anywhere and at anytime with virtually anybody. One of the biggest platforms in the field of rummy entertainment in India is Adda52rummy.The company serves its customers the best of rummy available on the internet while helping them make as much real money as possible.The company serves entertainment on both the desktop and the mobile app, giving all people everywhere the opportunity of playing rummy.  

Does Adda52 Rummy give a Welcome Bonus?

Adda52rummy is one of the biggest bonus gifting rummy companies in India. You will get a full 100% welcome bonus of up to 6000 rupees immediately after registering an account with them. Simply enter ‘RUMMY52’ during your first deposit to get this welcome bonus. 

What type of Rummy card games does Adda52rummy offer?

Adda52rummy platform offers different variants of rummy games ranging from the pool rummy to the 21 cards and points rummy.

The points rummy: This variant of the rummy card game is played by assigning a specific amount of real money to each point in the rummy game. When any of the players get zero points, he or she is the winner and thus wins all the stake of every other player involved.

The pool rummy: This can be either a 101 or 201 points pool rummy game. This means that each player must strive through the game to be the last player standing that has not to accumulated up to 101 or 201 points. He or she then becomes the winner and wins all the real cash stake of every other player.

21 cards rummy:  In this rummy variant, the dealer deals each player with 21 cards. When a player accumlates the highest number of points in the game, he or she becomes the winner.


It should be noted that all of the variants available on adda52 can be played for free and also with real money.


What is the adda52rummy platform graphics like?

Adda52rummy offers a 2dimensional graphic card view. A player can easily see the cards on the table from the top. The scene of the rummy play area can also be changed from casino to classic poolside theme.


What other features does adda52rummy offer players?

The Adda52rummy platform offers chat sessions, a notes section, buddy request, and some other advanced buttons which you can use to help you play the game better.


What about tournaments on adda52rummy?

Adda52rummy is a platform with several rummy tournaments, most of which are free. The tournaments available includes but not limited to:

Practice Tournaments: Free tournaments that players enter to understand and learn the game.

Promotional tournament: Once a month on adda52rummy and it is free.

Jackpot tournament: This is a daily tournament on adda52rummy and you can either enter for free or buy your way in. The prize is up to 2 Lakhs.

Satellite tournament: Scheduled on weekends and sometimes weekdays.

Cash tournament: Players buy tickets with real money to enter this tournament.

Mega tournament: This goes on daily for a month, every month.

Freeroll tournament: You can participate in this monthly tournament if you have deposited

Turbo tournament: Time-based rummy tournament. It is organized on adda52rummy every 3 hours.

Club tournament: Daily club members-only tournaments. Tournaments take place on specific predetermined months.


What is Adda52rummy customer support like?

 Some rummy platforms may have it all and lag in the support they offer their customers, but this is not the case for Adda52rummy. The customer support on Adda52rummy is exceptional. You can call their phone line directly, or click the “contact us” on the website to write the company support staff a letter to their headquarters address. You can also send an email from your email to the customer care representative at [email protected].


What payment options does Adda52rummy have?

 Adda52rummy provides payment options like credit/debit cards payment, net banking payments, and even cash payments.


How much are the minimum and maximum deposits on Adda52rummy?


On Adda52 rummy, the minimum amount you can add to your account is 100 rupees, while the maximum you can add as a first-timer is 200 rupees. You can have a higher margin as you deposit more into the system and the margin can grow to a maximum of 50,000 rupees.

 Is there any withdrawal fee on Adda52 rummy?

There is no withdrawal fee on Adda52 rummy. You get what you withdraw.


Does Adda 52 rummy pay affiliate commission?

Yes, you can refer a friend or family member to the platform and get paid. The good part is that Adda52rummy is ready to pay up to 100,000 rupees on each referral you bring to the platform. All they need to do is sign up, deposit real cash, and play at least one real cash game. Every time your referral deposits and plays a real cash game, you get paid.


Have people been paid by Adda52rummy?

There are lots of reviews online from people who have been paid by the Adda52 rummy company. On the company website, there are several reviews from happy customers as well. 

What exactly is the con of Adda52rummy?

The downside of the Adda52 rummy platform (which is already in the fix), is the fact that a player relies solely on the game buttons and so it is impossible to drag cards to the discard deck.

Conclusively, Adda 52 rummy is one of the best online rummy platforms for Indians. Do not miss the opportunity of winning real money every day on this platform. Download the mobile app instantly and sign up for free.

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