Add cash and get free Bonus up to₹2375 + Free ₹150 Instant Cash

Rummy culture provides one of the best rummy cash game platforms in India. The company has a wide range of bonuses and promotions. The bonuses you can enjoy as a player on the rummy culture platform are:


This bonus is available for new customers only. After your registration, if you are deposit (or add) 50 rupees or more to your account, you qualify for this first deposit bonus. With a 50 rupees deposit, you will get instant 250 rupees in your bonus account and a free 50 rupees cash in your account.


The rummy culture’s welcome bonus is a 100% bonus on your deposit amount and an added cash reward. Tale for instance;

* You deposit 50 – 499 rupees, you get up to 500 rupees bonus and 10 rupees instant cash.

* You deposit 500 – 1999 rupees, you get up 2000 rupees bonus and 50 rupees instant cash.

* You deposit 2000+ rupees, you get up 5000 rupees bonus and 250 rupees instant cash.



Another advantage of playing with rummy culture is the fact that you get a cashback of up to 750 rupees. You can book hotels with this bonus anytime within 60days of receipt. You must use the coupon code on the cleartrip website or mobile app before you pay for your hotel reservations.

Cleartrip promo code: CTGK


Please note that your rummy culture bonus will be disbursed using a 10% stake method. Whatever amount you spend in playing rummy on the platform, you get 10% of it as a bonus, until you have gotten all your bonus.

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