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The urge to earn extra income online has driven a lot of people to a lot of bad investments on the internet. Although rummy was once a means of communal entertainment in India and even the rest of the world, in recent times, rummy has transcended into a means of livelihood for many.
Osom rummy is one of the companies dedicated solely to the purpose of serving rummy over the internet, especially via mobile applications, so that players can earn an extra income online. Osom rummy is a relatively new company in the online rummy business. The company website was registered on the 9th of October, 2019. Owned by Rubik Cube Tech Private Ltd of India, Osom rummy has been growing since its launch in 2019.
This article is an honest review of the Osom rummy company. I will look into why you can sign up for an account with the company and the reasons why you need to be careful not to sign up with Osom rummy. In the end, the power to sign up or not rests with you, as a reader. Take your time to read through this review and do your due diligence before registering an account and or depositing your hard-earned money with Osom rummy.

Why you should have an account with Osom rummy

Customer support: Osom rummy is out to change how people feel about customer service and complaints support online, especially in the world of online gaming. Osom rummy is already providing great and exceptional customer support service online. You can easily reach their customer support team via the live chat available on the mobile app. This is the fastest way to get your issues resolved with the company. On the Osom rummy website, there is a whole page dedicated to how to contact customer service the right way. For less serious complaints, the Osom rummy customer service team will resolve your complaints via the mobile app chat. If your complaint is/are serious, then you can simply direct it to them via email at [email protected].

Security certificates: Osom rummy has almost 6 security certificates displayed on their website. This is to show that the company is taking customer data and information security to another level entirely. The site has a TORF badge, I-tech labs badge, and so on. Although this does not in any way mean they have the best security in all of the gaming companies in India, Osom rummy is surely doing its best to protect the customers, their funds, and their data.

Instant withdrawals: The Osom rummy website claims that the company settles withdrawn funds in as fast as few seconds to minutes; this is called instant withdrawal settlement. Several other companies make their withdrawals instant and Osom rummy is not left out in this regard.

Why you should not register an account with Osom rummy

As much as I have given you the good of Osom rummy, it is time to read through the ugly parts of the company. As much as I write this as a review, it is not in any way targeted at bringing down the company but it is simply a way to help you decide whether or not Osom rummy is good enough for you as an online rummy player.

New in the market: Osom rummy is relatively new in the market and so this is a downside I believe a player should watch out for. There stands the fact that a new company will never become an old and trusted one if nobody tries it out in the first place. The case here is that you need to trust the company with your hard-earned money and not just your information. Care must be taken to do a lot of due diligence before taking up an account with new online rummy companies like Osom rummy.

No desktop rummy table: Osom rummy only supports the android smartphone rummy players. This means that if you do not have a mobile phone, or say, a smartphone and essentially an android mobile smart phone, you cannot play rummy on Osom rummy. So many rummy companies allow players to play rummy online directly from their company website but Osom rummy only allows players to play rummy on their android smartphones.

Replica-look website: The Osom rummy website looks like a replica of the MPL rummy site. I am sure some other websites may have several other looks alike but this sure looks like a replicated script of MPL rummy. I am not saying that Osom rummy copied the MPL rummy website front page, but what I am saying is the websites look a lot alike, almost like a replica if it is not. Who copied who?

My Take
You may ask me if I would register an account for myself on the Osom rummy website and I will say yes I can, but because I can, does not mean I will. Osom rummy seems genuine at least, as they come, but the website is a little bit far from what I would give an average score of a serious online rummy company. This is my personal opinion and I am not in any way determining how you go about your business online.
Lastly, I would like to reiterate the fact that you should carry out your due diligence more before giving away your hard-earned money to any online rummy company in the hope of making a huge return.

OSOM Rummy Details

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