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This online game belongs to the card online game category and is targeted at Indian market. The card game they choose, Rummy, is a popular game in Indian that with a long history. So it already has some advantages at the beginning. Then the team seized the chance and made a success by using their advanced technology and rigorous attitude.


OSOM Rummy has a practical interface. When open the beautiful blue app, there is the Game Lobby. Then you can find that there are not too many buttons in this page, just the essential functions. Players can easily find the button they want and will not be confused by kinds of special effects. At the meanwhile, the app considers much for players, the necessary effects are all well prepared: they use small green points to show the maximum players of the room, and make the name of every mode big so that it is easy to find and choose.


Now OSOM has received good reaction from the Indian market, there are about 60,000 players online at the same time and the app gets many good comments from its fans, one of them says that “l am very happy to find OSOM Rummy.l have played for more than one year and have already won Rs.9.5 Lakh. Thanks, OSOM Rummy for making my life better. ” and another players comments that “OSOM Rummy is my favorite rummy app. It’s very easy to play. l can use Auto Play to help me win the games. This is beginner-friendly. And their withdrawal process is smooth and fast. l will keep playing rummy on OSOM Rummy. ”


Here are more details of OSOM Rummy’s features.


Multiple Rummy Variants

One of the most important factors for an online game to make a success is its gaming content, in this aspect, OSOM Rummy definitely does a good job. There are various play modes for players to choose. Generally speaking, the basic rules of all modes are similar that players should try to be the first one to make all the cards as sequences or sets, and among them there must be at least one pure sequence, but under the elementary rules, there are some small differences from mode to mode. For example, compared to the traditional 13 cards mode, the 10 cards mode will bring players faster game experience so that it may be good choice for people who want to play a rummy game during short break or want more exciting feeling.


Responsible Gaming

One of the principles that OSOM Rummy always obey is that game should be responsible. So they use the world class anti-fraud system in their app, once the cheating behaviors appear, they will be detected and be punished. This method protects players’ interests and makes the rummy game totally fair, the results only depends on players’ skills, and that’s the biggest charm that a competitive game has. Also they make strict rules to make sure that the matching, the room, the functions and any factors that may affect the results to be as fair as possible.


Fastest Customer Support Service

OSOM declares that they have the fastest customer support service, it’s hard to verify if it is true, but after testing, OSOM’s customer service really has a good quality. First, the customer service entrance can be found on every page in the game app, so whenever you meet a problem, you can easily find and click the button, then player will turn to a chat page directly, and the support team member will make a greet, send your ID and guide you to describe the problem you meet. Also, the customer service of OSOM Rummy is 24×7, that means you can contact the support team for help at any time. And another advantage of their support team is that they have a very mature system and at most time the players’ problems can be solved in a short time. That means a strong back-up for all players and they can set their mind at rest.

One of the players put such content on the comment zone of this game that “llove their customer support service.l have played rummy on many platforms for nearly4 years, and OSOM Rummy’ s customer support is the fastest support that l have ever met. They always solve my queries in seconds even at midnight. That really helps me a lot. ”

Besides the support team, OSOM Rummy also provide an instant withdrawal support, that seems also Conform with their “fastest” rule, so if you play OSOM Rummy, you can enjoy the process that money comes to your pocket immediately from your game account. That’s really attractive!


100% Safe and Secure

To give players better experience and protect all players’ legal rights, OSOM Rummy promises that the app is 100% safe and secure. It has a strict system that requests every player uploads their Identity profiles and complete some elementary information. That means when you first make a deposit or withdrawal, you should finish a very formal procedure, after which your rights will be guaranteed completely. For technology and certificate, OSOM uses the SSL Secured technology, an encryption-based Internet security protocol, of which the purpose is ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications.  All these measures are aimed to guarantee the safety of the game, and provide a reliable platform for rummy fans to enjoy the game.

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