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Rummy is a nice game that has evolved over the years from being an offline game into what people can play online. Rummy used to be a game that is played to keep people together in India. Friends and family members enjoy the game while sharing the love. Rummy is more interesting when it is played with friends and family, that is, known opponents. A single player will not enjoy the game even when playing against a non-human player.

The gathering together of friends and family members to enjoy communal entertainment during evenings is one thing that is almost going extinct, not only in India but in the world at large. Before now, family members would gather together to enjoy the rummy game as one body, sharing the game equally in love. This brings a sense of unity and communal happiness to the family.

Over time, urbanization eroded these family cultures and people tend to spend less time with their family and friends due to workload from the office and they strive to make ends meet. Once in a while, the push to enjoy the community life will come to each of us, even in this jet age but how do we hope to satisfy it?

A rummy lover may be puzzled with questions such as, ‘how can I play rummy online with my friends’ or ‘ how can I play rummy with my family online’? These questions and several others will come to people’s minds, especially those who want to have a taste of the communal life with their family and friends. Yes, the rummy game exists online, but can I play with my people?

The simple direct answer to these questions is the fact that most online rummy platforms allow multi-player on their rummy games. This simply means that you can play rummy with your friends and family online anytime and from anywhere you or they are. There is a catch to this though, and that is, you will be matched with your opponent in most cases, and yes, they are real people. These opponents may not necessarily be your friends and family members and this sometimes may be a barrier.

To truly enjoy the rummy game for the benefit of family love and communal integration, one needs to play against his or her friends and or family member(s). As I said earlier, work and search for a better life is what keeps us from family life the most; online rummy can almost solve this. You get to enjoy the rummy game with your family and you can also play with and win real money at the same time. But is there a real way to make that family connection with online rummy?


One of the biggest online rummy platforms is the rummy circle. At the rummy circle, apart from the fact that the platform allows you to play a multiplayer game, (meaning you are matched with other players from around the world or even within India), you can as well choose those with whom you want to play the rummy game.

At the rummycircle, to play rummy with your friend(s) or family member(s), all you need do is get an account with the company by signing up, and you can decide to download the android or apple version of the rummy circle mobile application or use the desktop version. After you have done this, simply inform your friend(s)or family member(s) with whom you want to play to do the same. From within your rummy circle dashboard then, create a ‘rummy circle’. After creating this circle, you will be asked to add players to this circle. Simply add the username(s) of your friend(s) and or family member(s) that you want to play against.

You can then enjoy the rummy game from the comfort of wherever you are while playing against your own defined opponent. This is the beauty of the rummy game. Most rummy platforms that allow you to play with friends and family members work this way. Mind you, you don’t just get to play with family and friends only, you can also make real money while enjoying the friendship and family relationship over the rummy platform.

Although some rummy platforms do not offer all of these features, the following rummy platforms are some of the platforms that offer these features:

  1. Rummy Circle
  2. Rummy Palace
  3. Adda52 Rummy
  4. Gin Rummy and several others.

*Always remember to pick the right rummy platform for your need and never to play online rummy with all of your life savings**

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