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RummyPassion is the rummy platform to play on. It has the largest player base, the greatest visuals, the most modes, and even the best customization of any Rummy platform. It has over 2.5 million players which mean no waiting for people to join your game. Instantaneous fun at the tip of your fingertips for all who play. The reason RummyPassion is better than other rummy platforms is because RummyPassion is free to play. Other platforms make you pay but RummyPassion is completely free.

If you are looking for a way to make quick, and easy money then join RummyPassion today! You can start earning money today for as little as 100 rupees.Countless players have made sizeable mounts just by playing for a couple of hours. If you are not ready to wage and bet real money yet then that is fine, you can play in one of the many practice tables available to play with practice chips.

RummyPassion also supports 3 platforms for a wide array of ways to play. It has IOS support, android support, and computer support as well. The visuals of RummyPassion are better than any other platform. It has vibrant colors, intuitive gameplay, and stunning visuals that will more than satisfy anyone who plays It.

There are tons of different, unique avatars to choose from so you can be different than others, and show off style. There is also an array of table designs too. You can change and edit the color or look to suit your taste. RummyPassion supports 3 different game modes. These modes are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. With all of these different modes, you will never run out of fun.

If you are new and inexperienced at Rummy then you can just use the free and simple tutorials and instructions to get started. There is a full instructions list so you can always know how to play.

There are also many different ways to deposit money so you can always use the one that is easiest for you. RummyPassion supports Visa, MasterCard, PayTM, RuPay, Maestro, Airtel, and Diners Club. Rummy is also completely legal even in India. Rummy used to be illegal when it was considered a game of chance but has since been declared a game of skill and is no longer illegal to play. If you run into a problem or issue then just contact customer support for an easy and simple answer. The customer support is very helpful and friendly and will always help you find the answer to your problem.

Rummy Passion  – A Grand Approach to Rummy

In case you weren’t already aware, Rummy is one of the most popular Indian card games that you can play. It combines plenty of unique rules as well as mechanics, which truly makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Whether you play it online or physically with a deck of cards, you’ll certainly agree that it’s entertaining. The objective is to arrange the cards you receive in a specific sequence set out by the rules. Not only does the game test your planning and decision-making skills, but it also works on how well you use that strategic mindset of yours.

Because of its immense popularity among the Indian people, there has been a noticeable growth in the number of online platforms that help you play rummy online. Rummy Passion is one of the latest and rapidly-growing website in the industry. The website offers you the chance to play with some of the best players in the country and make a name for yourselves.


Rummy Passion manages to deliver an exhilarating experience for players looking for a good Rummy game. The app features various game modes, as well as tournaments through which players are allowed to bet their money.

While the rules are mostly the same in each game mode, most game modes have a slightly different winning condition. However, all of them offer the same enjoyable experience that you can get out of a card game.

At the start of a match, a toss will decide whether which player is to go first. Each and every turn will start with the player drawing a card from either the open deck, or a closed deck.After picking a card, the player is to sort his cards in a sequence.

In this game, the main role of the player is to successfully sort his cards into a sequence. The player will have to sort the cards of the same category in an order to be able to win the match.The turn of each players ends as he discards any one of his cards into the open deck.

However, this is the basic rule of Rummy which you can find in possibly every Rummy game. What truly made Rummy Passion apart from all the other traditional Rummy games, is how interactive the app can be to use.

There isdozen game modes, along with a dedicated practice mode where players can practice in real-time with other online players. Another amazing aspect about the app is how the app is so friendly and easy to use for beginners. Even for players who haven’t played Rummy before, Rummy Passion can be a great way to start getting into Rummy.


Benefits of Playing On The Rummy Passion App


Play Anytime, Anywhere
One of the best thing about the Rummy Passion App is that you can play it from wherever you are; all you need is a stable internet connection. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices and allows you to play with people all around the world.

Get Cashbacks and Offers
The app also offers its players with cashbacks and bonuses if you achieve certain milestones. As a new member of the game, you might even be given bonuses at the start to help you kickstart your career. With such incentives, the game certainly does its part on keeping you motivated and always ready to play.

Experience a Friendly User-Interface
The app is as easy to use as the game itself is – the fact that you’re playing it online is something people usually forget (yes, it’s that engaging!). The Rummy Passion App comes with a friendly user interface and strives to provide you with an authentic, real-life experience. The registration process is quick and easy after which you move on to see how smooth the gameplay is.

Play What Suits You
While many apps only let you play if you’re putting in a minimum amount of money, Rummy Passion lets decide whether you want to play for money or not. You can play it for fun or even play against the CPU to get some practice. You can play the low-stake games in the beginning and move onto the higher, risky games by putting in huge amounts of money once you get the hang of it.

Exercise Your Mind
Playing rummy online can certainly play a positive role in the development of your brain’s analytical and cognitive skills. Not only does it help improve your memory, but the enhanced concentration also forces your brain to examine the situation analytically. Understand the moves your opponents are making and use your developed skills to your advantage.


Now that you know what the Rummy Passion App offers, head over to the website, download it and get started. You’ll need to make an account before you can proceed to play with your friends or random players online.


Rummy Passion Testimonial

“Most of the time spent on our phones isn’t really useful and beneficial. Still, there are some games and apps that are worth every second that you spend on them. Rummy Passion is one such game that I recently came across, and I have been addicted to it ever since. Not only does it keep me busy and excited, I’ve made some real life earnings while playing the game.

Unlike other applications that you only spend your money on and there are no real-life earnings, this app allows you to make money online. If you have a thing for the card games like me, and you cannot simply sit idle, then this would be the perfect thing for you. To my surprise, I got a 10K sign up bonus to start with and that was all I needed. Moving forward, not only it made my time pretty well, but I have been able to earn pretty well at the side as well. Earning money has never been so easy, and that too while having fun with an online game. All you will need is a smartphone, some good internet connection and the game on your phone. The game is secure and there are no lags on the game either that make it feel like a bliss.

The overall game experience is something good, but at first, I had my doubts about the withdrawals. So, being skeptical, I tried to withdraw the first chance I could get. To my surprise, it worked like a charm and in no time at all, the amount was transferred to my bank account. After that, I have been investing in the game regularly and withdrawing my funds on regular basis. There are no issues so far that I had to face. The cherry on the top are their tournaments and rewards that make it a perfect thing to have. This way, you can supplement the earnings, have the best time pass possible while on the go, and it is all 100% legal.”


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