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RummyBaazi is one of the companies that serve the rummy game online. The fact that the rummy game sharpens the intellect of players while providing them with adequate fun, makes the game of rummy a game that helps educate while entertaining.

To add to this, RummyBaazi is one company that takes the game of rummy a little further by not just stopping at entrainment and intellect sharpening, but also earning real money online.

Although there are several companies with different platforms that make rummy available online for people, this article is solely about RummyBaazi and its mobile application platform.

We will look at the pros and cons of the RummyBaazi mobile app, especially the android app (which is similar to iOS and every other mobile app).

What is RummyBazzi?

Baazi Games is the big company behind the RummyBaazi platforms. Even though RummyBaazi was founded officially in 2018, the likes of BalleBaazi and PokerBaazi owned by the same company have been in existence.

Is the RummyBaazi app only on android?

The RummyBaazi apps come in both the apple and android platforms. This means that both iPhone users and android mobile users can enjoy the mobile application.

Where and how can I get the RummyBaazi mobile application?

The RummyBaazi mobile application for android, windows, apple, and every other mobile platform can be downloaded easily by visiting where you will find detailed information on how to download and even APK links for android users and redirect to the Apple store and other mobile app platforms.

You can even enter your phone number on the page and a download link will be sent directly to your mobile phone via SMS.

It should be noted that iPhone users require at least iOS 8.0 and at least android version 4.4 for android users.

How do I get an account with RummyBaazi?

After downloading the mobile app, you will need to click on the register to get an account. The registration page will ask for some details like:



Phone number


Registration code (if you were referred)

Promotional code (optional)

After registering, you will be asked to verify your phone number and email address. You will be sent a one-time-password and asked to fill them in.

NB: If you are interested in the welcome bonus, you can input the promotional code of the welcome bonus that you have while signing up.

What does the RummyBaazi app look like?

The RummyBaazi mobile is a highly user-friendly mobile app. You will have your profile name linking to your profile at the top left-hand side of the app with your cash balance showing just below it. In the middle at the top, you have the ‘active table’ key and the ‘add cash’ key is next to it.

The active table key simply takes you to a rummy table where you start playing the game for fun, knowledge, and real cash.

The add cash key takes you to a deposit page where you can top up your RummyBaazi account instantly.

The last key on the top right-hand corner is the 3horizontal dashes that take you to other parts of the app, including:

My account.

My rewards

My profile


Game settings.

Change password.




The middle of the app has big wallpapers that link directly to game pages. There are:

Cash games.


Practice games.

Private table.

To cut it short, the user interface is friendly and the application is seamless. The app starts on the vertical mode, but as soon as you enter a game, it automatically changes to the widescreen horizontal mode so the whole phone screen becomes the rummy table.

How do I withdraw my money from the RummyBaazi app?

To withdraw from RummyBaazi, you will be required to complete your profile and as well complete your KYC.

The KYC is a verification procedure where you will be asked to submit your means of Identification and any document to verify your address as well.

After this is completed, you can simply go to the ‘my account page on the RummyBaazi app and click on ‘withdraw’.

Simply fill in your desired withdrawal amount, bank name and bank account number.

After submitting the information, your money will be available in your bank account in less than 2 to 5 days.


Are there any promotions on RummyBaazi?


According to the RummyBaazi website, the company offers several promotions which include the likes:

1 Lac Sunday special tournament

Mid-stake mania

Knock out.

2k Reward points tournament

5k reward points tournament

Free entry tournaments.

Wednesday 50k GTD.

10k Daily depositor freerolls.

The pros of using RummyBaazi

One can ask the question, what makes RummyBaazi stand out? One of the best features of RummyBaazi for me is the reward points program.

This program is based on points accumulated by players over time.

According to the RummyBaazi website, the information found here, shows that with a certain amount of reward points; a player stands a chance of winning between 20 rupees and 200,000 rupees.

This is not all; players can also win mobile phones, gadgets, and even a free holiday trip. This is fantastic and it captures my mind. This means that whether you are losing or winning, on RummyBaazi, you still have something in stock as a reward.

The con of using RummyBaazi

As much as the company paints itself green, there is always a red flag. RummyBaazi is not so different from every other rummy website out there. The result is the fact that these companies are looking for a way to make money and not just there to dish out money to players. Therefore, never see playing rummy on RummyBaazi as a way of making a fortune or planning your financial life.

If you play the game on RummyBaazi with the mindset of gaining knowledge and having fun, you will certainly enjoy it. If you, however, play with the mindset of making a million rupees, you may be heartbroken or lose all your savings in the venture.

4.0 rating

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