Dhani Rummy is one of the best Rummy games that you can play on your smartphones. It is an interactive card games that introduces the player to various unique elements that make the game more fun to play with others. Here is a brief review of what to expect from the game:


The gameplay of Rummy is mostly what you’d expect from any good card game. Every game starts off with a toss where the winner has to do his turn first.Each player gets a handful of cards from the deck. Afterward, he is to pick a card from the deck.

During a match, you will notice having different sets of cards, labeled invalid, pure sequence, impure sequence, as well as sets. The main objective in the game is to make sequences and sets. These are made mainly through grouping a sequence of cards, or similar cards together.

At the end of every turn, players have to discard a card on the open deck. It is completely up to the player whether he decides to pick from the open deck or the closed deck. Choosing the open deck will mostly grant him visible cards that are discarded by the opponent, while the closed deck will give you a random card.

All the players in the match are required to compete against each other. The game makes use of both luck and skill from the player which is one of the reasons why it is so unique and fun to play.

Game Modes

Another highlight about this game is the number of game modes that it presents to the player. Apart from a separate practice mode where you can train your skills, you are also blessed with various other game modes. The actual gameplay of each game mode is quite literally the same.

However, there are slight changes in the rules and objective on every game mode.This helps in attracting a wider type of audience as players can bet their money on different game modes. Currently, there are 4 game modes, which are Points, 10 Cards, Pool, and Deals. Each game mode features a practice mode as well. This helps the player in further honing his skill before he can actually bet his money in competitive matches.

Dhani Rummy Details

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